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Background verification is one of the crucial aspects in today’s recruitment process in corporate world. Our specialized team helps corporate to verify individual employee background whether the given information correct and exists or not.

Benefits of Background Verification

  • Employee turnover and job dissatisfaction reduced
  • Control on Hiring expenses and Training Costs
  • Minimizing Low Productivity & Performance Issues
  • Avoiding Risk of Frauds & Litigations

Why Sunshine International

  • Already into Recruitment Services
  • Specialized in Background Verification
  • Fast, Accurate and Cost effective
  • Does background checks for its own employees; specially trained staff
  • Specialized Team
    • Reference Check
      • Tenure of acquaintance with the candidate
      • Performance
      • Behaviour
      • Integrity & Honesty
      • Communications
      • Personality
      • Leadership skills
      • Eligibility of hiring
    • Residential Address Verification (Present/ Permanent Or Both)
      • Address authentication
      • Family member authentication
      • Tenure of residence
      • Type of residence
    • Educational Verification (Highest Qualification)
      • Authenticity of the course
      • Course duration
      • Year of passing
      • Marks/ Grade obtained
      • Certificate authenticity
    • Criminal Record Check
      • Authenticity of the candidate’s presence in the residing address
      • Criminal history under the police station’s jurisdiction
    • Identity Check
      • Authenticity of the candidate’s Nationality
      • Authentication of the candidate’s real Identity
    • Cibil Report Processing
      • Credit history
      • Any negative feedback
    • Driving License Verification
      • Authenticity of the driving license from RT Office
      • Authenticity of the year of issuance of driving license
      • Date of expiry/ renewal

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